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sub_aqua_header__2rMike Ange’s Sub-Aquatic Survivor® Programs are cutting edge and extremely demanding programs of instruction.  Three of these programs have become signature events covered by the major media outlets in the industry.  They are the Sub-Aquatic Survivor®, The Tech Diver’s Boot Camp and The Master Diver University.  The Sub-Aquatic Survivor® Program is a popular competitive training program for technical divers and when the next one is offered it will have a section of this page as well as its own page located at  The Tech Boot Camp and Master Diver university Programs are detailed below and they are on our schedule for 2010!

Tech Boot Camps

The  Tech Diver Boot Camp grew from the first SAS project as a non-competitive form and it is an annual signature event.  This expedition style training program has become so successful since its inception in 2001 that it has been covered in a documentary film and in the pages of both Skin Diver Magazine and SCUBA Diving Magazine.   We only do one of these programs  per year and they continue to be sought after programs since the first one garnered over 400 appications for the 16 available seats! 

divertec black & red 2Training Expedition Announcement
When: 2 – 9 April 2011
Location: Warm Mineral Springs, Florida 

NOTE:  We are excited to be offering this years Boot Camp to WOMEN ONLY and at a historically significant site.  Warm Mineral Springs has yielded many fossils including Paleo Indian remains dated at 10,000 yrs old.  This inland spring site has 75 m/250 ft of depth with 87 F/ 31 C water temps and averages 50 to 70 feet of vis.  It has been closed to divers for decades but the TBC group of 2011 will be among the first to dive it as it reopens.

Mike Ange Expeditions and the Sub-Aquatic Survivor® will offer their seventh technical training expedition in April 2011.  This year’s event, A Tech Diver’s Boot Camp for Women Only, is a seven-day intensive training workshop for experienced recreational divers desiring to move beyond the mundane and receive training in Decompression Procedures, Advanced Nitrox, Extended Range and Normoxic TRIMIX; and it will be fully covered in the pages of

Cost: $1995 includes accommodations (7 nights), textbooks, site entry fees all training and Normoxic Trimix Certification for those who are successful.  Transportation, meals and gases are the responsibility of the diver.  This combined program saves the diver nearly $500 on tuition and fees in addition to a great reduction in the cost of traveling for multiple courses. 

If you can’t meet the challenge, fear not, because you can also participate or at least read about it on  Coverage will include views from above and below with reporting by another member of SEADUCTION’s editorial staff, who intrepidly volunteered (with minimal coercion) to subject himself to the training process as a participant in a previous Tech Diver’s Boot Camp.  She had what it takes?  Do you?  Find out.  Go ahead and sign up -  we dare you!

Click here for details on TBC 2011.


The Master Diver University, our other signature program, is an expedition style training event oriented specifically for  recreational divers who want to gain skills and experience in a fast paced program supervised by world class instructors.  

MDU logo-1Sub-Aquatic Survivor Training Announcement
Master Diver University
4-11 June 2011
Location to be announced


Divers with years of hard core experience, a commanding grasp of diving physics and physiology, unparalleled personal standards and a standard of performance that is unequalled even in a field of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals – in the military these rare individuals are identified as Master Divers.  The recreational community has long perverted this term as a marketing tool for average specialty programs producing average divers with a wallet full of purchased c-cards.  While it is unrealistic to expect any recreational diver to achieve the same level of experience, aptitude or skill possessed by the professional diver – we should expect the recreational Master Diver to possess skills, knowledge and a sense of personal excellence that is well beyond those of their peers – in keeping with the terms’ traditions.  Finally, there is a program that embraces that level of excellence while recognizing the recreational nature of the endeavor, but accepting that the best recreational pursuits are steeped in challenges and permeated by obstacles that make success so much sweeter. 

 Over the past 5 years we have had numerous requests to add a program oriented for recreational divers to our technical course offerings.  In keeping with our unparalleled standards, we decided that any recreational program we offered must be comprehensive and intensive like our tech series. So in 2005 SAS and Mike Ange Expeditions launched the Master Diver University Program designed specifically to build skill and confidence levels in divers certified at the Open Water or Advanced Open Water Levels.   Our pilot program was a huge success and The Master Diver University is now an annual addition to our course offering.

It is a fact that better trained, more self-confident divers enjoy diving more and the Master Diver University is designed to build that self-confidence.  The program’s mission is to balance the requirements of safe diving skills as demonstrated through years of accident analyses with popular activities that make diving more fun while including challenges to maintain even the most avid or jaded diver’s attention.  To accomplish this mission we have chosen a faculty consisting of some of the most experienced instructor trainers and instructors in the industry.  Each year we will choose popular dive destinations with excellent dive sites that will still allow us to take the time for each student to perfect every required skill as the course progresses.  Clearly, this is the most comprehensive program for skill and academic development available in recreational diving today and it is open to all certified divers with at least 10-logged dives.

Our curriculum will meet or exceed the minimum prescribed standards of any internationally recognized certification agency.  Certifications will be issued for each course by the agency offering program outlines that offer the best training standard for a particular program.  All of our instructors hold international certifications with multiple agencies including, SSI, CMAS, IANTD, PADI, and PSAI  among others.

Cost: Projection is $1750 for lodging, charter fees, admission fees, text, certifications and air fills.  Specific details to be announced.

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